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The Journey of the Swamp Baron

1st volume of the series Until the End of Aretz by Christina E. Ebbesen

Sumpbaronens rejseIn The Journey of the Swamp Baron, we meet the human Gavin, a baron desperate for money to protect his family and title, and the mysterious elf Ruby who is fleeing from his past. By coincidence Ruby ends up as Gavin’s squire in the tournament for the princess’ hand, but a partnership between human and elf is not looked well upon in the country of Karbon, where racism is widespread. As the two travel together, they must take on not only the challenges of the tournament but also the great disapproval of their growing friendship. Will the two be able to overcome prejudices and win the tournament, or will Ruby’s past catch up with him at the finish line?

The Journey of the Swamp Baron is the first volume in an epic fantasy series planned to hold six volumes in total. The series offer detailed worldbuilding with maps, calendars and magic-systems while handling major contemporary themes such as racism, sexism and queer-theory. Readers who enjoyed The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and The Stormlight Archive will also enjoy Until the End of Aretz.

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